Pocket Radio

Are you travelling so often and feel like having a Pocket Radio? It is now the right time to take Pocket Radio with you on your Android. This is the ideal solution for the mobile radio app from which you can get with all the local channels.
Pocket Radio as a local channel radio app serves you the best with all its simplified features. This free mobile radio app lets you get closer with your favorite FM radio stations whenever you are travelling, sitting leisurely or whenever you feel like listening to your favorite Radio Channel. It has a straightforward interface where you are allowed easily manage. And as it has almost all the local FM stations added, you can easily move with the favorites in anytime.
This Radio app comes in the Music & Audio category with all free rights to the user to download. The application supports Android 4.0.3 and later regardless of the device model.
Completely free to download
Allowed downloading on any Android device model running Android 4.0.3 or later
Supports online (should have connection to mobile data or wireless connectivity)
Extremely simple and straight forward interface
Allows you to listen more than 10 local radio FM channels
Easy to handle to the next and buffering
Features an effective Volume controller
Features easy to stop options and arrows allowing you to change the Radio FM channel to the next or previous
If you like to best radio listening experience on the web and mobile devices to take your favorite channels with you, Pocket Radio is a smart mobile Radio App. With its easy to handle features, anyone can download and enjoy its service. This Radio app has clear sounds and allows you to easily change the volume level through a display volume bar. And that volume controller responds to your finger tip as also the device’s volume buttons.
Short description-
Best mobile radio experience with Pocket Radio with all local channel support for completely free and in the form of APK