Number Blocker

Number Blocker easily blocks the unwanted numbers from the smart phone preventing the call and messages from the unwanted numbers. This Number Block App supports you in a comfortable work frame with all easy to use features. If you are tired of frustrating calls or messages, Number Blocker is the perfect solution to block Phone numbers that you no longer required to receives calls and messages from. The application is extremely lightweight, yet powerful spam blocker you could access free. Features: • Comes completely free to the user • Allows consuming an easy to use interface • Available in APK format supporting direct downloading on the smart device • Block all calls using blacklist feature • Access to Free notifications • Offers “White list” to prevent block of certain people that you never want to be blocked • Allows you to have a log of blocking • Let you add numbers to the black list from calls log, contacts, input numbers and allows begins with for any other way • Available in tools category for the purpose security and privacy Number Blocker is available for free download supporting the form of APK. It is a useful application for all Android from Android ice cream Sandwich 4.0. This number block app supports straightforward work interface to the user to easily block numbers from your contacts. As above stated, you are here allowed updating your black list from calls log, contacts, input numbers and more. So if you want any number to be blocked from your Android for any reason, you can here use Number Blocker Free and keep your smart device with guaranteed security. The application supports extreme ease at use and confirms a stable run on a wide number of device ranges including the latest. And the tool is very light in weight to easily download and activate. The application interface features blocking, black list, call log and plugins. From right upper corner, you will be directed to settings, white list and option delete all. And following the settings, you will be directed options blocking, white list, notification, support, share and more. Then are you ready to give it a try and confirm your privacy on your own smart phone. Number Blocker short description- Free Number Blocker app to easily block unwanted contacts and calls from the Android.