Data Meter

Are you really doing care about the data consumption of your device through each individual app? It is the right time to Data Meter, the trendy application for Android to effectively monitor your data usage.
If you are feeling like you are losing the control of your mobile data, Data Meter APK is the best Android application to have as the data counter. The Data usage meter here will easily come showing you how much data you consume with each of the application. It can easily view once you start with an application, where you will find a separate indicator in the right upper corner screening the usage of data for the respective app.
Data Meter APK is free to download and acts as a Data saver on your Android by tracking how much data you are consuming and which apps are by means of the most data.
In fact, it is allowing you to easily get rid of unlimited data plans knowing which applications use more data on the device and which are at minimum usage. Simply, Data Meter allows the user to stay under the limit by taking the highest benefit of data allowed on your Android. Data Caster is free to have and will bring a lot of benefits if you use more apps and data on your Smartphone
The application Data Meter has a different configuration page several options to set at the first run or at any time. You will find options to “Auto start on boot”, “Resident” and “Hide when in Full screen”. Additionally, there are options to set the icon position, text size and more in the way it appears.
Data Meter Features:
• Easy to use interface and configuration profile
• Supportive data tracker comes monitoring your data usage on mobile and WiFi
• Allows you to easily control your mobile data usage and keep good attention on reducing monthly phone bill and all cost for data use
• Shows the data usage through a separate indicator in the right upper corner
• Completely free to download and supports in the form of APK
Data Meter APK will run on All Android device models that run on Android 4.0.3 or later. If you lose control of data, check data usage on each individual app and avoid data use over the limits.
Short Description- Data Meter APK is a data saver to track your data consumption with respectively the applications you run on Android.